• Venue: Iron Horse Music Hall
      Date: Wednesday, April 11, 2018 ~ 10:00 PM
      Online sales for tonight's shows end at 3PM. Tickets are still available until 4PM in person at the NBO, charge by phone at 586-8686, or at the venue door tonight.
    • In making his fourth album Wash It in the Water, Zach Deputy dreamed up a sunny and soulful new sound that fuses hip-hop, funk, and folky pop with the spirited rhythms of soca and calypso. With that sound embodied by the album’s brightly melodic and richly textured title track, Wash It in the Water finds theGeorgia-based singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist mining his Puerto Rican and Cruzan heritage for inspiration.“  Because of the music I was raised on, I’ve always heard rhythm in a very tropical, Latin-esque way -- it’s something that resonates in the deepest parts of me,” says Deputy, who grew up in South Carolina.“

      When I was a kid my grandma would play a lot of salsa and soca and make me get up and dance to it, so in a way this is me putting my own spin on all that and bringing those sounds into a whole new era.”

      In reflecting on his path as a musical artist, Deputy likens his creative awakeningto the message at the heart of “Wash It in the Water."  “

      That song’s about cleansing yourself from all the nonsense of the world — starting fresh, a rebirth of sorts,” he says. And whether performing live or creating new music, Deputy aspires to guide listeners toward a renewal of their own. "I try to give people a little soul massage,” he says. “In music you get so raw and make yourself naked to the world, and hopefully people can find themselves in that and realize they’re not alone. For me touching someone’s life in a positive way is the best thingabout making music, and that’s what’s kept me going with it for all these years.”

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