• Plus: Support TBD
      Venue: Pearl Street Ballroom
      Date: Sunday, April 15, 2018 ~ 7:30 PM

    • You can’t fake something like Nothing More. Since the band’s inception, they have cultivated a rapturous fanbase the old-fashioned way: By releasing groundbreaking music, tirelessly touring and cultivating a relationship with their fans that transcends trends. Correspondingly, the band’s latest full-length The Stories We Tell Ourselves sees frontman Jonny Hawkins once again bearing the soul of Nothing More as his bandmates Mark Vollelunga (guitar), Daniel Oliver (bass) and Ben Anderson (drums) craft a sonic palette comprised of elements ranging from progressive metal to pop. Ultimately. the album isn't just about the bands stories, it's also about the listeners personal narrative. 

      Then there are the band's live shows which have become legendary for the kinetic energy they share onstage. “We come from a perspective that the live show should be a totally different type of experience than what you hear on the record, and we try to show that in every performance,” says Hawkins. It’s clear that this is a band that cant wait to share The Stories We Tell Ourselves with their fans across the globe.

    • Performer Lineup:   Nothing MoreSupport TBD
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