• Venue: Iron Horse Music Hall
      Date: Wednesday, April 25, 2018 ~ 7:00 PM

    • Project/Object is the longest continually touring alumni-based Zappa tribute band in the world.
      For nearly twenty five years they have toured and performed Zappa music with more of his
      bandmates than anyone other than Zappa himself. Project/Object tours of the USA, Canada &
      Europe have paved the way for a rich variety of excellent, contemporary Zappa tribute acts.
      Project/Object is the band that brought most of the currently touring Zappa alumni out of
      retirement and onto the road. To date, almost twenty musicians, from every era of Zappa’s
      history, have performed with Project/Object. The band is back on the road with a short tour that
      reunites old bandmates Napoleon Murphy Brock & Denny Walley. The setlist features
      material that they performed on tour together with Frank, as well as Zappa classics and faves
      from other albums they did with him.

      Napoleon Murphy Brock, the frontman for Zappa’s early seventies bands, first appeared on
      the breakthrough album Apostrophe (‘), then handled lead vocals and sax for the incredibly
      popular Roxy and Elsewhere. His vocals on One Size Fits All are legendary, and he appeared
      with Denny Walley on the iconic Bongo Fury, which documents Zappa’s 1975 collaborative tour
      with his old friend Captain Beefheart. Brock went on to tour with fellow Zappa alum George
      Duke, and with Duke reached new heights in the hugely popular George Duke Band. Napoleon
      later provided harmony vocals for Sheik Yerbouti, one of Zappa’s biggest selling albums. He
      also appears on Thingfish and You Can’t Do That Onstage Anymore - Helsinki.

      Denny Walley, a key member of Zappa’s mid 70s and early 80s tours, is the band member that
      goes back the furthest with Frank - they met during the 8th grade! Denny brought his incendiary
      slide guitar work to many Zappa tours and albums, splitting time as Captain Beefheart’s slide
      guitarist as well. Denny appears on what is arguably Beefheart’s greatest work: Bat Chain
      Puller, and on Zappa favorites like Joe’s Garage and You Are What You Is. Denny not only
      performed with Zappa on SNL a few times, but later became a set-builder for the show!

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