• Plus: Support TBD
      Venue: Iron Horse Music Hall
      Date: Monday, May 14, 2018 ~ 8:30 PM

    • Car Alarm is The Sea and Cake’s eighth full-length record. Listen to the intricate intertwining strings of Sam Prekop and Archer Prewitt and you’ll hear the frontline of a working unit that has moved seamlessly from the stage to the studio and back. Formed in Chicago in 1993, The Sea and Cake have spent 15 years crafting a breezy, open, crisp sound, but Car Alarm also has a palpable edge. The edge of people who know each other well enough to push a bit harder, who aren’t worried about ruffling each other’s feathers or trying something different, difficult, intuitive, trusting. Something bracing. The exciting sound of a well-oiled band.

    • Performer Lineup:   The Sea and CakeSupport TBD
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