• Plus: Colorway
      Venue: Iron Horse Music Hall
      Date: Thursday, March 21, 2019 ~ 7:00 PM

    • To the casual music fan, The Yardbirds are best known as the band that honed the skills of future “guitar gods” Eric Clapton, Jeff Beck and Jimmy Page; and for their slew of chart hits, including “For Your Love,” “Heart Full of Soul”, “I’m A Man”, and “Over Under Sideways Down”. Led by core members and songwriters Jim McCarty (drums), Chris Dreja (rhythm guitar/bass) and the late Keith Relf (vocals/harmonica), the band’s experimental explorations also provided the crucial link between British R&B, Psychedelic Rock, and Heavy Metal, while pioneering the use of innovations like fuzz tone, feedback and distortion. Jim McCarty is debuting the new 2019  touring line-up of The Yardbirds, consisting of lead guitarist Godfrey Townsend, bassist Kenny Aaronson, singer / harpist / percussionist Myke Scavone, and guitarist / singer John Idan to rave reviews. As Goldmine Magazine stated, “the band’s hallmark of top-notch musicianship remains. There are no passengers in this band.”

    • Performer Lineup:   The YardbirdsColorway
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